This page is designed to give people an understanding of my portrait process and price range.
Firstly I do a small charcoal sketch from life which takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours sitting time. I use this to work out basic proportion's and an understanding of the sitters philological make up. I find this informs the more creative idea's of pose and theme.
Once this is done I prefer to paint direct from life taking anywhere from 3 to 4 sittings. I do use photographic reference if time or situations are not conducive. All specifics I can be contacted about and negotiated however a basic price list is set below. All paintings are oil paint on specially prepared canvas. Paintings are fully varnished for maximum protection and longevity.

Canvas size Price
60cm x50cm $2500
61cm x 76cm $3000
90cm x 120cm $5000
120cm x 130cm $8000
anything larger is negotiable. Please note these are unframed however I can make arrangements for custom made frames to be made at cost.