Entering Peter’s world of art is an invitation into a Pandora’s box of experiences, memory, imagination and real life. He blends atmospheric effects to express his thoughts which encompass narrative, history and humanism. A kind of shorthand of how he views the world he inhabits.

Spanning the genres of Landscape, Still life and Portraiture. Peter’s paintings take you on a deeper experience, A porthole into a different reality. One of the tenants to Peters process is his quest for continued knowledge. This is an ongoing process which has so far taken him from long term study at an art atelier in Florence, Italy. Here he underwent a rigorous technical and art historical background before continuing to train and assist a world renowned master artist in Norway.

Peter has had many solo and group exhibitions. He has also been celebrated in many prestige’s art awards. His artwork can be found in the Kerry stokes collection as well as many private and corporate collections around the world.

His star is very much on the rise and he is poised for the next level. Sales and commissions are welcome on a private basis through the contact page. You can also follow Peter’s art adventures  on Instagram @peterbarkerart or facebook peterbarkerart. To subscribe to peters website go to the subscribe icon.



Great opening at Juniper Galleries


A great opening at “A View from Here” exhibition. Many thanks for all that could make it and to the art lovers who have purchased a painting. Exhibition runs until 22nd November, Saturday... READ MORE

‘A View from Here” solo Exhibition


“A View from here” is an exciting new collection of Landscape and Narrative paintings. Opening on Sunday the 25th October at 2pm at Juniper Galleries, Darlington.WA. In case you cant make the opening... READ MORE